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"Dress the part"

hollywood access

Your Hollywood


"Lights, Camera, Fashion" ...Your the Star in this production! 

Choose from 1,000's of items specifically  curated & designed for  characters in Movies, Commercials, Magazine Ads and "Scenes" for the Television and Motion Picture Industries & other Fashion & Entertainment venues! Now "Open to the Public"

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Her Hollywood


"Dress The Part"

Your the Celebrity of your own Reality Show! Have our Stylists put a wardrobe or outfit together for you just like the Stars! Or if you prefer, shop & create your outfits on your own or with a friend.....You choice!

His Hollywood


"VIP Treatment"

Have any outfit or wardrobe delivered anywhere in the World.....Or stop by one of our Warehouse/Showrooms and have a Stylist put together a perfectly designed outfit/outfits for any occasion or "Scene" your getting ready for.........

About Us

"Our Unique Concept"


Picture this! 

HOLLYWOOD STUDIOZ Buys, Sells, Trades & Rents Wardrobes & Props (Home Decor) to the TV & Motion Picture Industries & other Fashion & Entertainment venues (Magazines, Commercials, Videos, etc...). 

Everyone you see on TV, Movies, Videos, Ad campaigns, etc... is playing a character who "Dresses the Part" 

We do the same thing in "Real Life". We get dressed for a particular "Scene" in our lives! 

Because of this, we are Now "Open to the Public"


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Wardrobe Treasures


Imagine this!

You now have "VIP Access" to Studio Productions & other Entertainment Industries products!  Its a "Treasure Hunt" everyday! 1,000's of items to choose from........New with Tags or Gently-Used (all items are in Great Condition). You're choice!

Dress the Part


You Call the Shots!

Customize your wardrobe the way YOU want it! Casual, Formal, Business Athletic apparel, Special Events or just heading to the beach, either way, we got you Covered! All shapes, all sizes, all Budgets: Men's clothing, Women"s clothing, Teen & Kids! We have it all!

what we can do for you

Your Access to Studio Wardrobes


Everyday there are Movies being made around the world. Studio Productions have Characters to be Dressed & Scenes to be Created. New w/Tags or Pre-Worn in Great Condition! 

Your choice!

Recycle Your Outfits


Awesome! Wear your clothing as long as you'd like and Return it (in good condition) for Credits toward other outfits! We can Recycle your pre-worn clothing for Extras in Movies! 

What a Concept!

Any Size Events


Just like a Studio Production! We can handle any size event for you, your family, friends or any Organization! Remember, to us, its just another "Scene" in a Movie!

Designer Labels Up To 90% Off!


We have CLEARANCE SALES EVERYDAY! There's  Always Studio Productions, Ad Campaigns, Commercials, Photo Shoots,  etc....Happening Daily! Grab your "Treasure" before someone else does! 

Start Your Own Business


Welcome to Hollywood! We've designed Entrepreneurial Business Opportunities  for those who are interested in starting there Own Business! If your interested in Fashion, Shopping, TV Motion Picture Industries, Contact us for more info.

Props & Home Decor


Watch any TV Show, Movie, Magazine Ad, Commercial, etc....Everything in the Backgrounds are usually "Staged" for a particular Scene. What happens to all those "Goodies".....We scoop them Up! 

Hollywood Access

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Visit our New Showroom


Come find your "Hidden Treasure" 

Studio Wardrobes!

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"Lights, Camera, ACTION"


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